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Visit Of Zayn Capital To FUBIC

Mr. Shakaib Naqvi, Investment Associate of VC Capital firm “Zayn Capital”, visited Foundation University Business Incubation Center (FUBIC) on Wednesday, 5 th January 2022. During his visit, Mr. Syed Taimoor Hassan (Manager FUBIC) gave brief introduction of every startup and the FUBIC. Mr. Shakaib Naqvi had brief meeting with FUBIC’s IT based startups Rexonic, Tech World Solutions and N1 Developers.
Mr. Shakaib showed interest to establish collaboration with FUBIC to invest in potential startups.

Managing Challenges of Startup with Studies/Employments

Foundation University Business Incubation Center (FUBIC) hosted Mr. Yasir Amjad, Director CENTIN, UMT Lahore, for an interactive talk session on “Managing Challenges of Startups with Studies/Employments” with FUBIC startups and students of final semester on 13 th January 2022. The session was extremely informative and underlined all the key challenges faced by startups with studies/employments as well as solutions to cope up with them.

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