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Open House by the Department of Psychology

Open House by the Department of Psychology was held on May 7, 2024. It provided an enriching experience for attendees to delve deeper into the realm of psychology. Five booths of different organizations were set up. The organizations comprised of; ANF (Anti-Narcotics Force, Speech Therapy Club (STCICLD), Mind Wellness Clinic, Soul Psyche, Mind Matter Institution. These organizational booths were set up for the walk-in interviews of students (BS-8, MS3 and MS4) to facilitate job possibilities. 150 students were interviewed in total.
Further, the event also featured a series of project displays covering diverse domains such as Cognitive Neuroscience, Clinical Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and Gender psychology. Cognitive neuroscience experiments were displayed to judges and other guests. Following the presentations, a dynamic discussion and question answer session allowed judges and attendees to engage with the speaker, posing questions and discussing the practical implications of neuroscientific research on addiction treatment. Along with experimental displays, 10 projects were showcased through poster presentations offering a glimpse into ongoing research projects and studies. Chief guest, Rector FUI, Maj Gen Muhammad Kaleem Asif (Retd) interacted with presenters, exchanged ideas, and appreciated the latest advancements in psychological research. Two distinguished Guests of Honor, Dr.Jamilah Hanum (Assistant Professor, International Islamic University Malaysia) and Farhat Jan (Clincal Psychologist, Mind Wellness Clinic) evaluated the projects on display and the top three positions were declared. During the closing ceremony, esteemed Acting Dean A&SS, Prof. Dr. Amer Akhtar, along with the Head of the Department, Psychology, Dr. Sadaf Ahsan presented a token of appreciation to the winning Project teams and appreciated their hard work.
The focal persons from the five organizations were presented with a university shield and a gift hamper as a token of appreciation for their participation. Their support and collaboration were instrumental in making this event successful. All volunteers, members of the decoration team, and faculty members including Dr. Urwah Ali, Ms. Meherwish Deepnaz, Ms. Umme Saddiqa, Ms. Rahat Munir, and Ms. Fatima, who participated in the event were presented with a certificate.
The open house provided an excellent platform for networking, allowing attendees to connect with peers, faculty members, and professionals in the field of psychology. Participants exchanged contact information, discussed career opportunities, and established valuable connections for future collaborations. Prof. Dr. Amer Akhtar and Dr. Sadaf Ahsan appreciated the dedication and hard work of everyone involved in making this event a huge success.