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Deputy GM Finance

Mr. Mazhar Ul Haq

Deputy GM Finance, FUI
 111 - 348 - 111 Ext 119

The deputy GMF will be responsible for:-

  • To assist the campuses of the University in preparing the annual budget estimates / revised budget and arrange presentation of proposed budget before the DC, FPC, EC and BOG for their consideration and approval.
  • To monitor the consumption of approved budget and exercise control over the expenditure under different heads of accounts by analyzing the trend keeping in view the inflation and volume of activities so as to keep them with in the approved limits. Also suggest re-appropriation of budget if required.
  • To assist the accounts department of the campuses in preparing the Financial Statements for audit and information purposes.
  • To prepare consolidated annual financial statements of the University.
  • To maintain proper records in respect of accounting, financial and other data as required under law and approved polices of the University.
  • To check the accuracy of data placed in the respective ledgers of the campuses.
  • To ensure timely payments of salaries and other payables.
  • To maintain the proper record of Foundation University Employees Provident Fund Scheme and propose/make investments of the Fund in accordance with the approved rules for the provident fund scheme and updating of financial rules/regulations from time to time.
  • To maintain the proper record of Foundation University Endowment Fund Account and propose investment of the amount of the Endowment Fund in accordance with the approved rules of the University.
  • To propose to the University authorities various avenues of investment of available surplus funds for short term long term investments keeping in view the annual return on investments and approved policies of the University.
  • To liaise with the External and Internal Auditors.
  • To liaise with the Tax Department for obtaining Tax Exemption or other certificate required by the University.
  • To deal with the Insurance Companies for Group Life Insurance Scheme.
  • Any other task entrusted by the management.


The Foundation University Islamabad (FUI), a project of Fauji Foundation was established under a federal charter in October 2002. The University's programmes of study have been duly accredited by Higher Education Commission (HEC), National Computing Education Accreditation Council (NCEAC), Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan (CPSP) and Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PM&DC).