Talk by Brig Dr. Tanvir (Retd) at Preconference Workshop, Department of Psychology,University of Sarghoda



Department of Psychology, University of Sargodha (UOS), is organizing the “IST National Conference of Psychology for Sustainable Community: Challenges and Trends (NCPSC, 2019). For this purpose, Head of Department Psychology, Foundation University, Rawalpindi Campus Brig Dr. Tanvir Akhtar (Retd) was invited as a Resource Person in a Pre-conference Workshop on “Tolerance Perspective of Leadership and Stress Management on the 28th February 2019”.  The workshop was very well conducted and highly appreciated by the faculty and students of the psychology department of UOS.

It highlighted the latest trends in leadership and its tolerance perspective. The second part was practical and aimed on how students can learn different interventions of stress management. The Chairperson department of Psychology Prof. Dr. Najma Iqbal Malik, UOS showed her interest to collaborate with the Department of Psychology, FUI for promoting research and the education pursuits.