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tendar notice

Tendar Notice

S.No Tender Title Submission Date Advertisement
01 Construction & Installation of main gate FURC 06-04-2020 Click Here
02 Purchase of Furniture  10-04-2020 Click Here 
03 Purchase of FireWall 02-04-2020
Click Here
04 Purchase of Stationery 31-03-2020 Click Here
05 Renovation of Kitchens (Boys/Girls Hostels) 31-03-2020 Click Here
06 Purchase of Furniture, Computers,  Medical Equipment. Civil Work 20-03-2020 Click Here
07 Insurance of Vehicles 17-03-2020 Click Here
08 Purchased of Equipment for Bio-Medical Engineering Technology lab, Renovation of MED and Skill lab. 13-02-2020 Click Here
09 Grafitto Top Up on FUIC building 12-03-2020 Click Here
10 Proposals required Purchase of (Liveries, Furniture & Fixture, IT/Electric/Gas Equipements, Medical Equipements) 03-03-2020 Click Here
11 Proposals required Renovation of (Dental Material Lab, Ortho Lab, Prostho Lab, Faculty Area, Storage place, Exits Stairs FUCD) 06-02-2020 Click Here
12 Proposals required (Medical Equipments, IT Equipements, Electric Equipements) 14-02-2020 Click Here
13 Proposals required (Dealers, Manuffacturers and Suppliers) 14-02-2020 Click Here
14 Proposals required (Dealers, Manuffacturers and Suppliers) 14-02-2020 Click Here
15 Proposals required (Purchase of OMR machine, Sherdder Aurora) 10-02-2020 Click Here
16 Proposals required (Renovation of Gate No 2, Upgradation of Infrastructure) 28-01-2020 Click Here
17 Proposals required (Medical, Furniture and Electric Items) 29-01-2020 Click Here
18 Proposals required (Medical, Furniture, Fixture & IT/Electronics & Civil Work) 24-01-2020 Click Here
19 Sealed Proposals 10-01-2020 Click Here
20 Invitation for Refreshment Center 03-01-2020 Click Here
21 Car stopers and Sheds 16-12-2019
Click Here



The Foundation University Islamabad (FUI), a project of Fauji Foundation was established under a federal charter in October 2002. The University's programmes of study have been duly accredited by Higher Education Commission (HEC), National Computing Education Accreditation Council (NCEAC), Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan (CPSP) and Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PM&DC).