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Registrar FUI



Registrar, FUI

051-5788378 Ext:103



  • B.Com
  • MBA
  • MS
  • PhD

The Registrar, FUI shall function under the Rector of the University and will be responsible for:

  •  Safe custody of University Ordinance, Statutes and other regulations/rules and ensuring their strict implementation.
  • Act as Secretary Board of Governors, Executive Committee, Deans Committee, Academic Council, Board of Advanced Studies and Research, Selection Board Committee of the University.
  • Ensure that all constituent institutions of FUI adhere to the approved SOPs with regard to admissions, tuitions, vacations and other extra-curricular activities.
  • Ensure that faculty deficiencies are made up expeditiously.
  • Ensure smooth conduct and organization of University convocation as and when planned
  • Carrying out liaison and coordination with MOEDU, MOST, HEC, PEC and PM&DC on requirement basis.
  • Maintain a list of subject experts for the purpose of selection / promotion of faculty members to be provided by Campus Directors.
  • Ensuring timely publication of University Magazine and Newsletters.
  • Maintaining and up-keeping service records and leave records respecting faculty (Professors and Associate Progress only).
  • Maintaining close liaison with Principals, Director and Deans of all faculties pertaining to academic/administrative matters.
  • Processing all faculty related matters with the office of the Rector / President.
  • Undertaking the requisite staff work regarding selection of members to the various statutory bodies in the prescribed manner.
  • Performing such other duties as prescribed from time to time.