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Internationalization Strategy

Foundation University Islamabad

International Office

Internationalization Strategy



     a) To foster personal and professional development of FUI students, staff and faculty through all-inclusive (Indigenous and foreign) mobility opportunities.

     b) To promote the cultural and teaching practices of Pakistan globally through multi-domestic partnership strategy.

     c) To address local and international challenges through sustainable solutions by connecting researchers of Pakistan and the rest of the world.

     d) To be at par with International Higher Education Institutions in imparting Quality Education

     e) To embed globally recognized practices into the curricula of FUI degree programmes.


Tangible Steps

The Internationalization strategy of FUI encompasses all the four (4) types of International Strategies i.e:

      a) International

      b) Multi Domestic

      c) Global

      d) Transnational.


In terms of (a). International, the University (FUI) aims at broadening the list of opportunities available for the academic fraternity of FUI by partnering with foreign universities across the globe. At present, the FUI have signed MoUs, Cooperation Agreements, Framework Agreements, and Letter of Intents with 15 Universities from 11 countries including Turkey, Spain, Nigeria, Iran, Kazakhstan, Belarus, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Belgium & United Kingdom. For more details on these agreements, please click here. Moreover, FUI has become an active member of the Eurasian University Union (EURAS) in January 2022 to enhance FUI prestige and visibility worldwide. This membership has provided numerous collaborative & networking opportunities for FUI academic community.


To gauge the (b) Multi Domestic Strategy, FUI foresees to significance of multi-domestic partnerships, whereby Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in different regions of Pakistan shall be able to facilitates foreign students, the purpose of this initiative is to create a learning opportunity for students, with particular attention to the inclusion of those with fewer opportunities, within the country and across the globe, to experience multi-regional and multi-cultural exposure in Pakistan.


Going (c) Global is the call of the day for HEIs to provide equitable access to holistic education. This lies in the FUI mission with aim to foster the personal and professional development of its students. The idea is to produce a valuable human recourse for national and global communities. To achieve this, FUI targets the bilateral and multilateral agreements for the academic fraternity of FUI and partner Institutions. These include the Erasmus+ Inter Institutional arrangements and the Mevlana Exchange programmes.


The fourth pillar of the FUI internationalization strategy is (d) Transnational Education (TNE). Through TNE, FUI has established progression arrangements for the students of FUI with partner universities in United Kingdom. These arrangements have facilitated FUI students to study three (3) years of their undergraduate studies in FUI and progress to United Kingdom (so far) to obtain a foreign degree. One of the concepts behind the transnational education arrangement is to go through curriculum mapping exercise with foreign institutions and the transnational educational agreements have proved that FUI curriculum is at par with international standards.


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Rector- FUI