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Higher Education Statistics (HES)

Higher Education Statistics (HES) 

The Higher Education Data Repository (HEDR) within the Directorate of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) systematically compiles annual Higher Education Statistics (HES) sourced from both public and private sector Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) along with their affiliated colleges. This data collection serves the purpose of facilitating strategic planning, policy formulation, and informed decision-making through the utilization of data-driven methodologies. The Rector of Foundation University Islamabad has designated the following FUI officials for the execution, administration and maintenance of automated proformas developed by HEDR - HEC:

Ms. Asmat Parveen
Director Quality Assurance
Principal Focal Person (HES)
Mr. Omer Shahzad
Manager Ranking & Evolution
Alternate Focal Person (HES)

Principal Focal Person for HES is entrusted with the responsibility of submitting the following information to the HEDR Division via the online HEDR portal at

  • Facilities provided by HEIs
  • Number of available seats and Number of applicants against each program
  • Student Enrollment Data
  • Books and Computers
  • Student Pass-out Details.
  • Enrolled Faculty Details
  • Foreign Student Enrollment Data
  • Foreign Student Enrollment Data
  • Quota Students Details
  • Affiliated Colleges Details

Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has released the HES data encompassing all public and private sector universities along with their affiliated colleges on its official website. Additionally, as part of its commitment to transparency and accessibility, the HEC has pledged to develop and disseminate HES dashboards specific to each Higher Education Institution (HEI). These dashboards are intended to be utilized for internal decision-making processes. to access the published HES data, please visit the following link: