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GM Coord & Dev


Brig. Intekhab Hussain Shah (Retd)

GM Coord & Dev, FUI

051 - 5788633, 111 384 111 Ext 123

The Administrator will be responsible for:-

  • Induction release/retirement and contracts of FUI and constituent Colleges Management/Administrative Staff (Grade 1-7).
  • Maintenance and record-keeping of service matters administrative staff (Grade 1-7)
  • All matters pertaining to advertisements (FUI & Constituent Campuses) in conjunction with the Manager Public Relations.
  • Maintenance of postage, Courier Service record.
  • Miscellaneous matters like holidays, office timings, serviceability of computer hardware/software, Telephone Exchange, Fax, Photocopier and vehicles, etc.
  • All matters relating to procurement and maintenance of office equipment/ appliances.
  • Payment of building Rent and Utility bills of FUI.
  • Administrative arrangements for meetings including transportation, lodging and boarding.
  • Printing, stationery, office equipment and matters relating to Purchase Committees.
  • Supervision of the overall functioning of accounts department in conjunction with General Manager Finance.
  • All matters pertaining to service rules and leave of the Administrative / Management Staff.
  • Act as Secretary of University Discipline Committee.
  • To assist the Rector in overseeing all the administrative, security and discipline maters.
  • Act as Chief Coordinator of all the administrative activities in the FUI Secretariat and the two campuses.
  • Issue all administrative instructions and programs of work for all visiting dignitaries to the University.
  • All administrative arrangements (refreshments etc) for all meetings including Convocations.
  • Perform any other task assigned by the Rector.