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DQA - Self Assessment Report

Self-Assessment Review:

Assessment is a systematic process involving the gathering and review of quantitative and qualitative data from diverse sources about educational programs. The goal is to improve student’s learning, quality of teaching, assurance of resource availability adherence to academic standards. A successful assessment program involves purpose and outcomes identification, data collection, analysis, evaluation, and decision-making for subsequent actions. This activity outlines the process of conducting self-assessment (SA) of academic programs, a requirement imposed by the HEC for universities. Periodic self-assessment is mandatory to enhance academic programs and uphold high standards. Self-assessment serves as a crucial tool for academic quality assurance, offering feedback for faculty and administration to implement action plans for improvement.

S.No Description Downloads
1 BS English Program
2 MS English Program
3 PhD English Program  
4 Doctor of Physical Therapy  
5 Ph.d Psychology  
6 MS Psychology  
7 MS Media Sciences  
8 Bachelor of Computer Arts  
9 Bachelor of Media & Communication