Department of Physiology

Name of Equipment
Balance for chemical (Bonso)
Micro haematocrit (Centrifuge)
Stethoscope (11-707)
Student Kymograph Complete with Accessories
Microscope Binocular (1120018453,287,452,057,468,21708,710,711,714,719,720,721,725,737,739)
Spirometer Bank Model
BP Apparatus (Mercury) Japan
Mercurial Sphygmomanometer (Erka) Germany
Cycle Ergometer (Sohrab)
ECG Machine (China) with Accessories
Ophthalmoscope (Riester, Germany)
Student Spirometer (Pak Made)
Automatic Digital B.P Monitor
Peak Flow Meter
Weighing Machine with Height Scale
Digital centrifuge machine- EBA-20
Spectophotometer, UV-1900
Audiometer, Model-910
Pulse Oximeter,
Luxometer, LX-1010B
Dry spirometer vitalograph
Power Lab system PTB-264
Sound level meter
Ergometer (index finger)