Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics

Name of Equipment
Ergometer (index finger)
Student Kymograph
Student Single
Tissue Bath
Cages Rabbits Small
Specimen Jar Plastic 5 mm
Tray Kidney S/S
Beaker 100 ML
Glass Rod (Hollow Blowing)
Stethoscope Deluxe Dual Head (Heart Plus)
Stop Watch
Thermameter Clinical
Conical Flask 1000 ml
Burette 50 ML
Burette Stand
O2 Flow Meter with Gauge
O2 Oxygen Cylinder Key
O2 Cylinder (Attested from BOC)
Oxygen Cylinder Trolley
Binocular Educational Microscope Model: CxLLabomed USA Ser No.110647140
Cutting Needle Surgical Curved
Bottle wide Moth 250 ml
Scissors Fine
Bottle with Stopper Narrow Mouth
Graduated Cylinder 10 ml
Bottle Cleaning Brush
Graduated Cylinder 25 Ml
Beaker 250 ml
Pestle and Mortn
Spatula Metal
Beaker 1000 ml
Physical Balance China
Beaker 500 ml
Graduated Cylinder 100 ML
Scale Steel 6"/12"
Curved Scissor 6"
Scissors Straight Pointed 5"
BP Apparatus Mercury Desk Model "Focal" FCO-110 (Focal Jpan)
Instrument Tray S/S 14"x12"
Bone Cutter
Water Distallation Apparatus All Glasses Model W-4000,J.Bibby England cap 4 lit/hours comp.
Digital Balance HL-100 Korea cap 10 mg to 100 mg
Torches (china)
ECG Machine Biocare Model: 101G(China)
Water Bath 4 Hole China
Pith Needle
China Dish
Pipette 10 ML
Digital Balance 0.1 gm to 600 gm A&G
Stop Watch (Q&Q) Japan/China
Experimental Body Model: XC-401B-1(China)
Complete Package of Power Lab, Ultimate  eaching System Model: PTB-4264,