Department of Biochemistry

Name of Equipment
Gel Documentation System with Software Cat No. UVDI-254/365 Com,pact Digimage System (S No. G15-130425011) with 10.0 Megapixels digital camera (S.No.508140007217) and built in 254 & 365 mm UV Transiluminator Complete System
Midi Plus-2 Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis System Cat No.WE-15-7-10-15 (S.No.ME-140320126) along with power supply cat No.MP-300V (S.No.140310A035)
Micro Lab 300 (Built in Printer) semi automated chemistry analyzer
Accu chek active blood glucose monitoring (Glucometer)
Centrifuge Machine EBA 20
Centrifuge Machine Z200A
Centrifuge Machine Z206A
Electrophoresis Heresies System (with power supply)
pH Meter
pH Meter with 2 add glass electrodes / probes
ph Meter (hand) (2)
Spectrophotometer Model BMS UV-1900
Spectrophotometer BMS UV-1100
Urine S.G Refractometer Hand
Refractometer Digital SG/ Protein
Incubator Memmert D-6058
Incubator Gravity / Natural Type Digital Fuzy Control, Model : WIG 155 (Weitg Germany) Ser.No. 0400674112F02
Water Distillator
Distillation Plant 5 lit
Balance Machine (Tanita) Model 1144
Analytical Balance Model BL 210S
Analytical Balance Model Sartorius Model -313. SS DS001-g-310gm
Hot Plate / Stirrers 15 Lit Stuart Biby Model CB-162
Water Bath Model WCB-11
Oven Gravity / Natural Flow type Digital Fuzzy Control Systems & Superior Temp Accuracy, Model Won Witeg serial no. 040032881174018
Micro Scope Binocular-1 Model 21718
Micro Scope Binocular-1 Model 21743
Micro Scope Binocular-1 Model 21744
Micro Scope Binocular-1 Model 21746
Micro Scope Binocular-1 Model 21748
Water bath with 4 Hole Model 0403007
Water bath with 4 Hole Model 2004013