Funded Research Projects (Internal)

S# Name of the Research Project Name of PI Approved Total Cost (Rs) Approved
1 Pulmonary Health of Cotton Textile worker in Pakistan Prof. Dr. Saadat Ali Khan 100,000 2011
 2  Common Histopathological lesions of Preterm Placentae Prof Dr. Faiza Kazi 15,500 2011
 3 Comparison of Pain & Disability Relief with Gabapentine and Carbamezapine in patients with Peripheral Diabetic Neuropathy Prof.Dr. Saadat Ali Khan 125,000 2011
 4 Frequency of Pernicious Anemia in Patients of Megaloblastic Anemia Due to Vitamin B12 Deficiency Dr. Muhammad Luqman 63.500 2011
 5 Effect of ghrelin on hematopoiesis in myelosuppressed rate Prof.Dr. Saadat Ali Khan 440,000 2011
 6  Provision of Utilization of Facilities For Research in the Universities - A Comparison of FUI and Randomly Selected Universities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi Dr. Tayyab Alam 250,000 2011
 7 Frequency of Different Grades  of Myelofibrosis in Chronic Myeloprofliferative Disorders in Bone Marrow Trephine Biopsy Dr. Muhammad Luqman 620,000 2011