Funded Research Projects (External)

S# Name of the Research Project Name of PI Approved Total Cost (Rs) Year
1 State ownership and operational efficiencies in Pakistan : Is Privatization a solution Abubakar Saeed 528,616 2015
2 Outreach model to promote basic life support Dr. Sadia Ahsin 2,302,415 2015
3 Gastroprotective Effect of Ghrelin : A study of Mechanism Dr. Saadat Ali Khan 1,520,000  2015
4 Estrogen and Progesterone receptor assay result of core needle biopsy and modified radical masetmy specimens from the same patients Dr. Mumtaz Ahmad 560,000 2015
5 Role of colposcopy in detection of  cervical interaepithelial neoplasia Dr. Shahida Akhtar              (presently Dr. Arifa Bari) 1,968,070 2015
6 Breakfast with Cornflakes : Fauji Kellogges Dr. Mehboob Ahmad 0.185595 2015
7 Real Time Passenger Query System Using Zigbee and RFID Engr. Sajjad Karim 72,750 2015
8 Air Pollution Monitoring System Using GSM Dr. Shahryar Saleem 43,800 2015
9 Lie Detection Using EEG Based Signal Classification Abdur Rehman 86,250 2015
10 Simulation, Implementation and fight test of navigation and control system for a quadcopter UAV Abbas Ahmed 70,000 2014
11 Design and Implementation of PITCH and YAW control of missile nozzle in closed loop Abbas Ahmed 70,000 2014
12 Wireless hand Gesture Recognition Device using Artificial Intelligence Sajjad Karim 59,200 2014
13 High Q printed filter design for UWB Col (rtd) . Mushtaq Ahmed 62,500 2012-13
14 Dielectric embedded cavity backed antenna Dr. Muhammad Haneef 82,500 2012-13
15 Design, fabrication and control of two degree of freedom two in rotor using digital techniques Mr. Abbas Ahmed 90,000 2012-13
16 Development of android based automation Engr. Imran Daud 23,000 2011-12
17 Adaptive Cruise Control System (ACC) Engr. Muhammad Ali 72,000 2011-12
18 Free Space optical link between LAN / WAN through Laser Mr. Zaheer Ahmed Malik 75,000 2011-12