Success Stories

Joint research project “LITHOMATIC” of Foundation University Islamabad (FUI) and School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences –SEECS, NUST Islamabad.

Patients of Parkinsonism suffer from disabling tremors involving upper limbs especially hands. These tremors cause them a great inconvenience in pursuing day to day chores. The condition also affects voiding urinary symptoms & many patients have urinary frequency, urgency and incontinence as well. A research project “Lithomatic” was jointly startedby the department of Urology and Medicine FUI and School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences (SEECS) NUST to guage the disability caused by the disease and offer treatment in the form of an electrical band which will be worn at the wrist by the patients. The project has been completed in 2015. The newly designed Pneumatic Lithotripter has several additional features which are not present in other imported lithotripters. Its smart monitor provides real image enhancement. The device is used after multi successful ex-vivo testing of the treated patients of ureteric and bladder stones. This device has an electronic security lock, gives a complete patient database, duration of the procedure, and provides facility of recording the procedure of intracorpeallithrotripsy.It is Pakistan’s first pneumatic lithotripter for the most cost effective minimally invasive surgery of urinary stone disease.

The project “Lithomatic” was short listed from a large number of universities across the world for the Hong Kong Poly Tech University Global Challenge. The project short listed among 30 others was indigenously designed and successfully tested by students. Lithomatic secured the fourth position and received the ‘Commendation Award’ of US $1000 and shield for each team member. FUI-NUST team made a presentation on Lithomatic and also played a real video of the procedure of the Lithotripsy cases done at Fauji Foundation Hospital, Rawalpindi by Dr. Khalid Farouk, Head of Urology Department, Foundation University Medical College. The scientific research team of “Lithomatic” from Pakistan beat the teams from India, Singapore, Germany, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Ireland, Netherland, South Korea, Malaysia, Nigeria, Chinese Mainland and Mexico. The “Lithomatic” also won various awards at national level which includes ‘Certificate of Award, Top 25 Islamabad’, ‘Finding Innovative & Creative Solutions for Society (FICS)’, “1st Prize in CREATE’1S Entrepreneurship Competition, PIEAS’ and “Moblink Discover – NUST Business Plan Competition’ (1st Runner up) of Rs. 300,000.