HEC Guidelines for Universities


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1. Requirements for acquiring NOC prior to Launching MS/MPhil/PhD programs at Universities Blue Downloads

2. Checklist: Launching of MS/MPhil/PhD Programs

Blue Downloads
3. Supervision of PhD Scholars by Faculty having FCPS Blue Downloads
4. Supervision of Students perusing MS/MPhil with Thesis by Supervisor Having MS/MPhil without Thesis and Limit for Supervision of Students Blue Downloads
5. CGPA Equivalence and Minimum Eligibility Criteria for Admission in M.S/MPhil/PhD Programs Blue Downloads
6. Extension of Condition of Post PhD Experience for Appointment of Professor and Associate Professor Blue Downloads
7. The Equivalence from IBCC Blue Downloads
8. Extension of Validity Timeline in HEC Recognized Journals Blue Downloads
9. Constitution of Committee to Prepare/Conduct the Test at Par with GRE (General) and GRE (Subject) for Admission in MS/MPhil and PhD Programs Blue Downloads
10. Minimum and Maximum Duration of MS/MPhil and PhD Program Blue Downloads
11. Policy for Two Degrees Awarded in Same Year or Session Clash with Same or Different Model Blue Downloads
12. HEC Minimum Criteria for the Appointment of Faculty Members at HEIs Blue Downloads
13. Supervision of MS/ MPhil Research Thesis by MS/ MPhil Qualified Faculty members Blue Downloads
14. Responsibility on the Supervisor of Plagiarized PhD / MS MP Blue Downloads
15. Number of MS / MPhil Scholars one MS/ MPhil Qualified Supervisor can supervise Blue Downloads
16. Minimum Experience of a PhD Faculty Member to Supervise a PhD Thesis Blue Downloads
17. Minimum Eligibility Criteria for Admission in MS/MPhil/ Equivalent and PhD Programs Blue Downloads
18. Black Listing of Plagiarism Complainant for False Allegation Blue Downloads
19. Maximum Time required for award of MS/MPhil/Equivalent and PhD Degrees Blue Downloads
20. CGPA Equivalence of Grades Blue Downloads
21. HEC Faculty Appointment Criteria

22. HEC Recognized Journals