Office of the Director (ORIC)


Dr. Shagufta Akhtar
Director ORIC, FUI

Director Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC)

The Director ORIC shall be responsible to:-

  • Manage and enhance the research activities of the university;
  • Develop Research policies and priorities;
  • Manage the operational aspects of the ORIC;
  • Draft and monitor department budget;
  • Work for fund raising for research, mobilize faculty, business community and industry for research commercialization;
  • Serve as an effective advocate for research with the university and to its broader community of stakeholders and supporters;
  • Implement the strategy and business development plan required to execute program initiatives to enhance the progress of the ORIC;
  • Work in close liaison with the Board of Advance Studies and Research / Office of Sponsored Research, Business/Technology Incubators and University Science & Technology Park (if any);
  • Facilitate campuses for organization of National/International Conferences.
  • Organization of Seminars / Training Workshops for faculty, in the area of Research.
  • Facilitate participation of faculty in National / International Conferences, Seminars and Training Workshops etc.
  • Facilitate faculty to apply for travel grants to HEC and FUI.
  • Facilitate Faculty to submit their research projects for funding, under National Research Program for Universities (NRPU) of the HEC.
  • Facilitate Faculties of FUI for publication of Research Journals.
  • Process the cases for reimbursement of publication fee.
  • Monitor the activities of Graduate Research Centre (GRC)
  • To process dissertations of PhD Scholars to Foreign Evaluators.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Rector.